Waterfall Hikes in Oahu, HI Hiking Guide

Several trails on the stunning island of Oahu lead straight to majestic waterfalls. Over a dozen popular marked trails are available for hikers, but we will focus on three trails—Manoa Falls Trail, Likeke Falls Trail, and Waimano Falls Trail. These trails vary in difficulty level, length, and type.


Manoa Falls Trail is labeled easy. Likeke Falls Trails is considered moderate. Waimano Falls Trail is rated as hard—it features a steep descent and can be slippery.


  • Manoa Falls Trail: 2.7 kilometers/1.7 miles
  • Likeke Falls Trail: 1.3 kilometers/0.8 miles
  • Waimano Falls Trail: 4.7 kilometers/2.9 miles

Trail Begins

Manoa Falls Trail begins after you leave the Manoa Falls parking lot on Manoa Road.

Likeke Falls Trail begins on Kionaole Road in Kaneohe, Hawaii. The parking lot is close to the entrance.

Waimano Falls Trail begins on Komo Mai Drive in Pearl City, Hawaii. A green gate is at the top of the drive; park along the road leading up to the entrance.

Gear To Bring

You should bring sunscreen and insect repellent when hiking any waterfall trail on Oahu. Bug spray is essential at any time of the year, especially after heavy rainfall. Sunscreen is helpful even if you’re not in direct sunlight.

Wear closed-toe footwear, especially for hiking Waimano Falls Trail. This trail has a steep downward path, so sandals won’t work; you’ll need ankle support and shoes that grip.

Waterfall Hikes Reviews

Manoa Falls Trail is quite popular because it is one of the more accessible hikes on Oahu. This location was featured in several movies, including Jurassic Park. The common consensus is that the trail is muddy, slippery, and beautiful, and you should bring a hiking stick.

If you’re visiting Likeke Falls Trail, expect to see lots of birds and rich views of the jungle and the Pali (cliffs). The waterfall is not known as one of the most spectacular, but the forest views are stunning.

As for Waimano Falls Trail, most hikers loved their time on the trail, and some went swimming in the pools by the falls. The challenging hike down the trail makes the waterfalls worth seeing.


Manoa Falls Trail is free to hike; you must pay for parking. Likeke Falls Trail is free, as is Waimano Falls Trail.

Waterfall Hikes Hiking Time

The average time to hike Manoa Falls Trail is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes. Likeke Falls Trail takes an average of 30 minutes to complete. The Waimano Falls Trail hike can take an hour and 45 minutes to two hours.

Best Seasons

These waterfall hikes are gorgeous year-round. You can always enjoy viewing the jungle foliage and waterfalls and relaxing in the shade. You should be mindful of any closures due to inclement weather. Stay updated by checking the Hawaiian government’s website.


  • Manoa Falls Trail: 193 meters/633 feet
  • Likeke Falls Trail: 63 meters/206.7 feet
  • Waimano Falls Trail: 186 meters/610 feet

Route Type

    • Manoa Falls Trail: Out and back
    • Likeke Falls Trail: Out and back
    • Waimano Falls Trail: Out and back


Manoa Falls Trail has a $7 parking fee. Road parking is available near the Likeke Falls Trailhead, but if you pay to park ($10), you must vacate the lot by 4 p.m. For Waimano Falls Trail hikes, you can park close to the paved road at the trail’s entrance.


Manoa Falls Trail: Mountain bikers are welcome, but they must always yield to hikers. If biking damages the trails, the trails will be open only to hikers.

Likeke Falls Trail: This is a hiking/walking trail.

Waimano Falls Trail: Mountain biking is allowed, but if extensive damage is noticed on the trails, the trail will be closed to bikes.


Dogs are allowed on these trails; you must keep them on leashes most of the time. Your dog might be allowed to roam in some areas, but be mindful of hunting dogs chasing after pigs.

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