Mahana Ridge Trail in Lahaina, HI

Mahana Ridge Trail is an easy out-and-back route on the island of Maui. The last stretch of the trail is the most challenging section, giving the route its overall difficulty rating, but you can turn back at Pine Loop to cut it back to an easy 6.3-mile round-trip.




10.4 miles


2,591 feet


5 hours 45 minutes

Route Type

Out and back


Yes, allowed

Trail Begins

Near D.T. Fleming Beach access road, past the preschool

Gear / To Bring

  • Sun protection (glasses, hat, sunscreen)
  • Water (at least one liter per hour on the trail)
  • Hiking boots
  • Trekking poles (optional but recommended)

Best Seasons



D.T. Fleming Beach parking area


Not Allowed



Mahana Ridge Trail Location

Mahana Ridge Trail begins at D.T. Fleming Beach near Lahaina on the northwestern shore of Maui. The region is pleasant and tropical year-round, and the trail offers stunning views of the ocean and mountains when you reach the peak.

Along the way, you’ll wander through lush forests and wild native and non-native plant species, climb a rocky stairway to the ridge, and spot many wild creatures. Adventurous hikers willing to brave the overgrown trail will experience an incredible tropical wilderness excursion without ever having to travel far outside town.

Mahana Ridge Trail Length

Mahana Ridge Trail is an out-and-back trail, beginning and ending at the same trailhead. Climbing to the summit and hiking down takes 10.4 miles and almost six hours. At one time, you could catch a shuttle back down to the beach from the Maunalei Arboretum, but the resort that once provided this service no longer runs outside its boundaries.

For less experienced hikers, or anyone wanting a slightly shorter hike, the Pine Loop is the best place to turn around to hike back down. It cuts the total trip down to under seven miles, a much more manageable distance for a day hike. Of course, because Mahana Ridge Trail is an out-and-back route, you can turn around anytime you feel like heading back.

Mahana Ridge Trail Hours

Mahana Ridge Trail has no official hours for access. D.T. Fleming Beach Park, where the trail begins, is open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m., seven days a week, but the trail itself is outside the park boundaries.

Like the rest of Maui, Mahana Ridge Trail gets exceptionally hot and humid during the day. The trail offers a reasonable amount of shade, but the midday sun can make the hike miserable. We recommend starting as close to sunrise as possible. If you start your hike any later than 7 a.m., bring extra water and plan on turning around at Pine Loop.

Mahana Ridge Trail Reviews

Reviewers note that some sections of the Mahana Ridge Trail are overgrown and hard to follow, so download the Mahana Ridge Trail map before you set out to avoid losing your bearings. Most of the trail is easy but long, and the most difficult section is past Pine Loop. Bring more water than you think you’ll need and plenty of salty snacks to fuel your body for the hike back.

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