Lost Valley Trail in Kingston, AK

The Lost Valley Trail is a 2.3-mile out-and-back trail located outside the Boxley Valley Historic District in Kingston, Arkansas. The moderately challenging trail offers picturesque scenery, including blue pools and waterfalls. After reaching an opening in the bluff, you’ll continue up stone steps to the 200-ft Cob Cave. Inside, you’ll find Eden Falls.

The Lost Valley Trail is popular among naturalists and hikers. Due to the steps, it’s not ideal for biking. It’s also well-suited to jogging or a leisurely but challenging walk.

Since the Lost Valley Trail is a regular destination for many outdoors enthusiasts, it’s often crowded. Try to go in the morning if you want to avoid any crowds.


The Lost Valley trail is considered a moderate hike. Even still, kids are typically able to navigate it easily. However, if you have mobility issues, the stairs could cause a challenge.


2.3 miles

Trail Begins

The trailhead starts at the Lost Valley Parking area off State Route 43. You can access the parking lot via Lost Valley Road, which runs along Clark Creek.


Since the trail is relatively short, you won’t need much special equipment for your hike. Proper supportive footwear will help keep your ankles stable on the steps and rockier sections.

However, due to the amount of water on the trail, you should consider bringing a change of socks. If you plan to take a swim, be sure to bring a bathing suit and towel.


Most reviews for the Lost Valley Trail are positive. Hikers praise its views, moderately challenging sections, and varied terrain.

Many reviewers also like that it’s kid-friendly. Children enjoy Eden Falls, making it a good hike for the family.

The waterfalls are the high point of most visits. Hikers report that the falls are open for swimming in the summer and lovely to view when it’s too cold for jumping in.

The trail is also reportedly well-marked. This makes it easy to get around without needing to bring a GPS.

The main complaint was from hikers hoping for a more challenging hike. Unfortunately, although the stairs and cave are somewhat hard, the trail leans more toward easy than difficult.


No pets are allowed on the Lost Valley Trail.


There’s no entrance fee for the Lost Valley Trail.

Hike/Ride Time

You should expect to spend about 2 hours on the trail. Allow more time if you plan to explore the caves, rest on the bluffs, or by the water.

Best Seasons

The Lost Valley Trail is an ideal hike throughout the year. Cool down in the pools or under the falls in warmer months. In the winter, the views are usually what hikers visit for.


252 feet


There’s a small parking lot near the trailhead where you can park your vehicle. The trail starts on the side of the lot furthest from the road.

Route Type

The Lost Valley Trail is an out-and-back trail.


Due to the terrain, mountain biking isn’t allowed on the trail. Instead, it’s best suited for hikers and walkers.

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Featured image via National Park Service