Red Reef Trail in Hurricane, UT

The Red Reef Trail is a stunning, family-friendly hike. The natural beauty of the canyons and stream draw crowds from across the country. Below, you will learn everything you need to prepare you for this magnificent hike.

Red Reef Trail Location

The Red Reef Trail is in St. George, a city in the southwest corner of Utah. You will hike through a canyon as you follow this trail.

Entrance and Parking

Drive I-15 to Leeds and head to Quail Lake to reach the trailhead. You will see a Red Cliffs sign pointing to the paved road to the Red Cliffs Campground. Park in the lot for the campground.

You will begin the trail at Red Cliffs Campground, where you can stop for water and restrooms.

Red Reef Trail Map

Red Reef Trail Difficulty


Red Reef Trail Length

The red reef trail distance is 2.2 miles.

Route Type


Elevation Gain

223 feet

Red Reef Trail Hours of Hiking

About one to two hours.

Best Seasons to Hike

It is best to hike the Red Reef Trail in the spring and fall. During these times, afternoon temperatures are less extreme, and the stream is more likely to flow.

Spring break, between March and April, and summertime are popular times to visit the Red Reef Trail. The afternoons are the busiest time, regardless of the season.

If you want a quieter walk, visit between October and mid-March. Hike in the morning or later in the day to avoid crowds.

What Gear Should I Bring?

Although the trail is relatively short, you will need water, sunscreen, and snacks. You should wear hiking boots or sandals, and bring a change of clothes if you get wet near the waterfall.

Pack a bathing suit if you plan to swim in the stream and pool at the trail’s end. It is safe to jump into and swim in the pool after you have checked the depth of the water. There is even a natural shoot that allows you to slide into the pool.


The Red Reef Trail is best suited for hiking. The path is narrow in some areas, and riding a bike may endanger those around you. Plus, a waterfall blocks a section of the trail. You must climb around it before returning to the path.


Pets are allowed on the Red Reef Trail.

Permits and Fees

You can either pay $5 per vehicle when you park or obtain a National Parks Pass.


Many visitors enjoy the beauty of the canyon, and they are pleased with how easy the trail is to hike. They note that there is shade in the parking lot along with parts of the trail, which allows you to keep cool.

Some visitors complained that the stream and pool were dry, but visiting during the right season can increase your chances of seeing the water. Additionally, one visitor warned that parking can become scarce if you arrive too late or during a busy season.

Final Thoughts

The Red Reef Trail is a fun, awe-inspiring hike in Utah. It is easy to find, and it is an easy hike suitable for children. The trail is relatively short, but you can hike past the end and spend time in the pool if you want a longer trip.

If you are looking for the perfect hike for your family, don’t miss the Red Reef Trail.

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Featured image via Hike St George