Kuliouou Ridge Trail in Honolulu, HI

The Kuliouou Ridge Trail is a moderately challenging hike through forests toward a summit with some of the best views in Hawaii. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about this mountain trail.

Kuliouou Ridge Trail Location

The Kuliouou Ridge Trail follows the edge of the Kuliouo Forest Reserve on the Hawaiin island of Oahu.

Parking and Trailhead

You will begin the trail at the end of the residential Kalauu Place, which is a 20-minute drive from Waikiki. The hiking sign is at the end of Kalaau Road.

There is parking along Kalaau Road, but it can be scarce during the peak season and on weekends. In these cases, you can park down the hill or on a street near Kalaau Road.

Kuliouou Ridge Trail Map

You can also look at the trail map and familiarize yourself with it.



Steps throughout the trail assist you in climbing sections of the mountain. Nothing about the trail is dangerous, but you will face a steep incline on the stairs.

Route Type


Kuliouou Ridge Trail Length

4.7 miles

Elevation Gain

1,650 feet

The summit is about 1,900 feet above sea level.

Kuliouou Hours of Hiking

About two to four hours

When To Hike

You can hike the Kuliouou Ridge Trail any time of year. However, the summer months can become extremely hot, especially when hiking.

The summit of the Kuliouou Ridge Trail offers a beautiful view of the sunrise. If you begin the trail an hour or so before sunrise, you can overlook Lanikai Beach, the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail, and the Tom-Tom Trail as the sun comes up. Bring a head torch or phone light if this is your plan.

Weekends are the most popular times to hike, so stick to weekdays if you want a more tranquil experience.

Gear To Bring

Bring plenty of water and snacks because you will be hiking the Kuliouou Ridge Trail for hours. It will be important to stay hydrated as you navigate the steep inclines.

Your hiking boots should have a firm grip if the trail is muddy and slippery.


Pets are allowed on the Kuliouou Ridge Trail. In some locations, dogs can even be let off of their leashes.


It is impossible to ride a bike through the Kuliouou Trail. Steep inclines are etched with stairs, and a bike could not handle these areas.


There are no fees to hike the Kuliouou Ridge Trail.


Many visitors have commented that there is little to see until you reach the stairs. However, the views from the stairs to the summit are stunning and well worth the effort.

Some visitors have noted that the trail can become muddy and slippery, and others believe the trail should be marked as difficult rather than moderate.

Visitors suggest stopping at the neighborhood park a few blocks before Kalaau Place for the public restroom since nothing is available on the trail.

Final Thoughts

The Kuliouou Ridge Trail is a scenic route that allows you to exercise and prepare for more difficult trails. The forest’s plants are diverse and eye-catching, but visitors look forward to the summit the most.

This hike is perfect for those in good shape who enjoy mountain and ocean views.

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