Calico Basin Trail in Las Vegas, NV

Calico Basin Trail is a relatively easy three-mile loop trail located outside Las Vegas in the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. The trail is relatively easy, even for children, with plenty of opportunities to wander off the trail for scrambling and climbing.


Easy to Moderate


3 miles


314 feet


1 hour 11 minutes

Route Type


Pets Allowed


Trail Begins

Calico Basin Road trailhead

Gear / To Bring

  • Sun protection (glasses, hat, sunscreen)
  • Water (at least one liter per hour on the trail)
  • Hiking boots
  • Climbing gear (optional)

Best Seasons

April – September


Designated parking area at the trailhead

Bikes Allowed



$15 per vehicle ($30 annual pass)

Calico Basin Trail Location

You’ll find the trailhead for the Calico Basin Trail just outside the reach of the bright lights of Las Vegas, Nevada. The trail begins at one of two trailheads on Calico Basin Road. The first trailhead is a long spur, while the second connects to the loop almost immediately. Some reviewers have said it is easier to find your way back to the second trailhead.

It gets insanely hot in the Nevada desert, and shade is hard to come by in the middle of the day. Daytime high temperatures regularly exceed 100 degrees, but it can get chilly when the sun goes down, especially in early spring and late fall. Arrive early, especially in summer, prepared for any weather except rain. Bring more water than you think you’ll need.

Calico Basin Trail Length

Calico Basin Trail is an easy three-mile hike, requiring no technical skills. The trail is flat but gravelly, making the journey draining, but the inclines are mild enough for even beginner hikers.

The desert heat, lack of shade, and poorly marked intersections with other trails make Calico Basin Trail challenging. It’s easy to wander off the Calico Basin Trail onto other nearby trails. Some trails reconnect with Calico Basin Trail, but others are out-and-back spurs or connections to other loops.

Wandering off the trail adds to the distance and time of this trail. But you’ll be rewarded with beautiful rock formations you can scramble, climb, or just lounge under for a bit of relief from the desert heat. We recommend downloading the Calico Basin Trail map so you can wander intentionally and always know your way back to the main trail.

Calico Basin Trail Hours

There are no official open-and-closed hours for the Calico Basin Trail. Nearby facilities in Red Rock Canyon have variable operating hours. Check with park officials if you want to stop by the visitor center or take the one-way scenic drive.

Regardless of the posted hours, take precautions to avoid the summer heat. Try to complete your hike before 10 a.m. or begin after 6 p.m. to avoid getting caught in the blazing desert sun. Heat stroke is a real risk in the middle of the day, so plan your hike accordingly.

Calico Basin Trail Reviews

Reviewers say that Calico Basin Trail has a wide range of difficulty levels, depending on how you navigate the loop. Experienced hikers may find the main loop dull, but wandering off the trail is a great way to add to the challenge. Beginner hikers can enjoy the beauty of Red Rock Canyon by staying on the path and following the map carefully.

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Featured image via Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas