Bridle Trails State Park in Kirkland, WA

Bridle Trails State Park is an equestrian park full of natural beauty and activities for the whole family. Read on to learn how best to prepare for Bridle Trails State Park.

Bridle Trails State Park Location

This park is located in Kirkland, Washington, near Seattle.

Parking and Entrance

You will find a large parking lot at 5300 116th Ave. N.E. Kirkland, WA 98033. To find a specific trail, follow the map below.

Bridle Trails State Park Length

The park itself spans 489 acres. Hikers can explore 28 miles of trails.

About the Major Trails

When you visit Bridle Trails State Park, look for the following main trails.

Coyote Trail

The Coyote Trail is a 3.6-mile loop with 193 feet of elevation gain. Expect to spend about an hour and 15 minutes on this trail.

Trillium Trail

If the Coyote Loop Trail seems just out of reach, try the Trillium Trail. This loop trail is only 1.8 miles long, and the elevation gain is 127 feet. You will likely spend only 30 to 45 minutes hiking.

Raven Trail

The Raven Trail is the shortest of the major trails, and you can hike this 1.1-mile loop in under half an hour. The elevation gain is only 91 feet.


All major trails at Bridle Trails State Park are easy. However, the paths are unpaved.

Bridle Trails State Park Hours of Operation

In the summer, the park is open from 6:30 AM to dusk. In the winter, the park does not open until 8:00 AM. You cannot visit the park during night hours.

Best Season to Visit

Summer and early fall are the best times to visit Bridle Trails State Park. July to September in Washington tend to be less rainy than usual. Additionally, the weather is comfortably warm.

Temperatures usually fall within the 60s and 70s.

What Should I Bring to Bridle Trails State Park

Bring boots to hike the trails as they are unpaved and often muddy. Depending on the season, you will probably encounter rain, so bring a rain jacket and change of clothes. Always bring plenty of water.

Also, there are picnic tables at the entrance to the park. Pack a lunch if you want to stay for the musical shows in the evenings.


You cannot bring a bicycle or motorized vehicle to Bridle Trails State Park.


The trails at Bridle Trails State Park are designed for horseback riding. You will have to bring a horse because there are no horse rentals.

Dogs are allowed at Bridle Trails State Park, but they must be on a leash. Remember that the park is an equestrian park, so there will be horses that could spook your dog.


You can purchase a day-use pass in the parking lot, but you must pay in cash. Purchasing an annual Discover Pass grants free parking at Bridle Trails State Park.


Visitors of Bridle Trails State Park are amazed to find so much urban beauty near the city.

Many note that the trails are muddy, and some say it can be difficult to find your way. You must pay close attention to trail markings.

Most visitors love that the trails are well-maintained and easy to hike. They especially love seeing horses pass by.

Final Thoughts

Bridle Trails State Park is a rare, natural gem in an otherwise bustling area. The trails are perfect for horseback riding and fun, simple hikes.

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Featured image via Washington State Parks