Batteries to Bluffs Trail in San Francisco, CA

Batteries to Bluffs Trail in San Francisco is one of those hiking experiences that almost seems too good to be true. You start on top of a bluff, looking down at a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. As you scan the horizon, you see a great view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

This trail is part of the 1500-acre Presidio of San Francisco. The park is on the site of a former military base and features a variety of old forts and bunkers.

You will be surrounded by desert and dune wildflowers if you hit the trail in Spring or Summer, and it’s not uncommon to see dolphins playing as you get closer to the ocean. It’s an amazing thing to experience such a wonderful hike just minutes from the hustle and bustle of downtown San Francisco.

You’re not going to lack gorgeous views any time of day, but you won’t regret it if you head out around sunset.


There are multiple trailheads for Batteries to Bluffs Trail, but the main one is located off Langdon Court. Use AllTrails to navigate to the correction location.

Route Type

Batteries to Bluffs is a loop trail.


AllTrails lists Batteries to Bluffs Trail as easy, but most reviews stress that elevation gain places it in the moderate category. The trail is well-maintained, and the terrain isn’t difficult to navigate, but the stairs going up and down the bluff can be challenging for some hikers.


Batteries to Bluffs is a 2.2-mile hike.


This trail has 449 feet of elevation gain.

Hike Time

You can expect to be on the Batteries to Bluffs Trail for 60-90 minutes hiking at an average pace.

Gear To Bring

No special gear is needed to hike Batteries to Bluffs Trail. However, wear sunblock and protective clothing as there isn’t much sun coverage on the trail. The trail can get windy, and the weather is unpredictable, so check the weather before heading out.

The ocean and Golden Gate Bridge are too gorgeous not to bring a camera on this hike.


Pets are not allowed on the Batteries to Bluffs Trail.


This is a hiking-only trail. No bikes allowed.


There is no fee for hiking or parking at Presidio of San Francisco.


There is plenty of parking within minutes of the Langdon Court trailhead.

Best Seasons to Hike

September and October are the two warmest months of the year on average for San Francisco, making these months the ideal time to visit Presidio of San Francisco and hike Batteries to Bluff Trail. This has the added benefit of being after the Summer rush, so the trail won’t be quite as crowded during the week.

Spring is also a good time to hit this trail. Purple Irises and other wildflowers blooming are a complement of color to the blue ocean that dominates the view on this hike.

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