Pink Pillbox Hike in Kailua, HI

The pillbox hikes in Oahu have a rich history. Before they were refurbished, they were military bunkers from World War II. You can find a few across Oahu, and they have been decorated for visitors.

The Pink Pillbox Hike leads to a hot pink pillbox overlooking Waianae and Electric Beach.

Pink Pillbox Hike Location

You will find the Pink Pillbox Hike on the west side of Oahu, Hawaii, between Nanakuli and Maili.

Parking and Trailhead

The trailhead is along Kaukama Road. Follow the road just past the ninth light post on the right side of the road.

Park along either side of Kaukama Road. This hike is popular, so you will likely see other cars to help you find the trailhead.


The overall hike is considered moderate. However, you can choose between the shorter, more difficult path and the longer, more accessible path.

Pink Pillbox Hike Length

1.6 miles

Route Type


Elevation Gain

679 feet

Hiking Time

1 hour and 10 minutes

Pink Pillbox Hike Hours of Operation

All-day year-round

Best Times to Hike

It is best to hike the Pink Pillbox Trail at sunset. The top of the hike overlooks the ocean, and watching the sunset over the clear blue water is stunning. Reaching the top can take about 30 to 45 minutes, so plan accordingly.

Most people prefer to visit Oahu in the spring or fall. April, May, September, and early October have the mildest temperatures and smallest crowds. The average high temperatures are still in the 80s, so prepare to sweat if you are not used to such hot summers.

What To Bring

Hiking in Oahu can be dangerous if you are unprepared. Bring hiking boots or shoes, a headlamp, and a raincoat.

The hike lacks shade in most areas, so you must pack sunscreen and plenty of water. Depending on your sensitivity to the sun, you may need a hat.


Pets are not recommended on the Pink Pillbox Hike because the trail is steep and rocky in several areas.


Bikes are not allowed on the Pink Pillbox Trail. There are many loose rocks, and the trail is too narrow to pass hikers safely.


There are no fees for parking or hiking the Pink Pillbox Hike.


Although the Pink Pillbox Hike can be challenging, many visitors comment that the views are well worth the effort. Even the pink pillbox at the top is beautifully decorated.

Several visitors warn that there are loose rocks in many areas, so good hiking shoes are necessary. Those who turn right at the fork also mention that the climb is nearly vertical. Some recommend avoiding this more challenging trail in the rain.

Visitors also recommend hiking at sunrise or sunset. The trail is less crowded, and the views at the top have been described as gorgeous.

Final Thoughts

The Pink Pillbox Hike has remarkable views, and it is free to visit. You can decide whether to take it easy and travel along the switchbacks or challenge yourself with a steep incline.

Visit this trail at sunset for a serene and breathtaking experience, and bring plenty of water for the hot Hawaii weather.

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