Marymere Falls Trail in Port Angeles, WA

Olympic National Park is a gem in the Pacific Northwest. A variety of distinct ecosystems reside within the nearly million acres of protected wilderness. Marymere Falls Trail is one of the most popular day hikes in the national park. The trail features a breathtaking 90-foot waterfall that is easily accessible by most hikers.

You will be entranced with the old-growth forest as soon as you hit the trail. Moss-covered ground and trees add a depth of greenness that leaves no doubt you are leaving the concrete world behind.

Enjoy a wonderful hike and become immersed in the beauty of the Marymere Falls Trail.


The Marymere Falls trailhead is located near the Storm King Ranger Station.

Route Type

Marymere Falls Trail is an out-and-back trail.


The Marymere Falls trail is a mostly easy trail. Most of the hike will be relatively flat and on a well-maintained trail.

Things get more difficult about halfway through the hike. You’ll quickly gain elevation on a series of stairs that lead up to the falls.

The trail is stroller accessible until you reach the stairs. So, if you’re more interested in taking your young one out for a stroll under an ancient and beautiful canopy of trees than seeing a waterfall, you can easily do so.


Marymere Falls Trail is a 1.7-mile hike.


There is a 298 elevation gain on the trail.

Hike Time

You can expect to be on the Marymere Falls Trail for 45-60 minutes hiking at an average pace.

Gear To Bring

Your camera is the one piece of gear you can’t leave behind when hiking the Marymere Falls Trail. From the green canopy to the majestic waterfall, you can easily spend more time taking pictures while stationary as you do on the move.

Olympic National Park gets an average of 140 inches of rain from November to April. So pack your rain gear and be prepared for damp weather during the winter months.

Temperature can vary significantly during the rainy season, so check the weather forecast before heading out. Layers are recommended any time of year.


Pets are not allowed on the Marymere Falls Trail.


This is a hiking-only trail. No bikes allowed.


Visitors must pay fees before entering Olympic National Park.

  • Non-Commercial Vehicles (covers all occupants): $30
  • Motorcycles: $25
  • Commercial Van: $75
  • Non-Commercial Organized Group Vehicle (applies to religious and civic groups) $30
  • Annual Pass: $55


Parking is available at the Storm King Ranger Station.

Best Seasons to Hike

Marymere Falls Trail is a great hike during all seasons. The lower chance of rain and warmer temperature during Summer makes it a better time to hike for most. But there is something to be said about gearing up and hitting a temperate rainforest trail during its rainy season.

So no matter what season you choose to take on Marymere Falls Trail, you won’t be disappointed.

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