Monkey Trail in Keithville, LA

The Monkey Trail is a 10.6-mile single-track trail located in Eddie D. Jones Park in Keithville, Louisiana. The trail gets its name from the nearby chimpanzee sanctuary inside the park. This moderately challenging loop is popular for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking, and running.

The Monkey Trail is popular among wildflower enthusiasts, as well. It’s also a good place to view wildlife throughout the year. There’s a horse trail nearby that horseback riders use often.

Since the trail tends to be a bit crowded, you should aim for an early morning hike if you want to enjoy the woods in silence.


This trail is moderately challenging due to a few steep sections, roots, and sharp switchbacks. Be sure to wear proper supportive footwear while hiking and protective gear while biking.


10.6 miles.

Trail Begins

The trailhead is at the intersection of Caddo Drive and Chimpanzee Place. Chimpanzee Place bears to the south, while Caddo Drive heads northeast. The Monkey Trail crosses Caddo Drive and leads west before splitting into north and southward sections.


A GPS device or compass is recommended if you’re unfamiliar with the trail. Due to the number of insects in the warmer months, you should also consider bringing bug spray, ointment, and bandages.

Due to the trail’s difficulty level, proper hiking or biking gear is a requirement. Beginners should take caution throughout several steep sections, raised roots, and sharp switchbacks.


Most of the reviews for the Monkey Trail praise the varying terrain and difficulty. It has a bit of something for everyone, including dog walkers, hikers, and mountain bikers.

One of the biggest complaints is the number of insects on the trail. Specifically, spiders pose a frequent nuisance.

Another common issue is the lack of adequate markings. Some users report that there weren’t enough trail markings, making it easy to get turned around.

Overall, the Monkey Trail has favorable reviews. Visitors enjoy the sounds of the chimpanzees in the background, which provide a unique outdoor experience.


Dogs are allowed on the trail, but they must be on a leash.


There’s no entrance fee for Eddie D. Jones Park or the Monkey Trail.

Hike/Ride Time

Hikers should expect to spend approximately 3.5 hours on the trail from start to finish. Most mountain bikers complete the Monkey Trail in about 1.5 hours.

Best Seasons

The Monkey Trail is open year-round. However, bugs tend to be more of a nuisance in the summer, making the cooler months easier in that respect.


606 feet.


There’s a small parking lot near the trailhead where you can park your vehicle. The trail starts on the side of the lot furthest from the road.

Route Type

The Monkey Trail is a loop that goes through the Eddie D. Jones Park around Chimp Haven.

Bikes Allowed

Mountain biking is a popular activity on the Monkey Trail. If you plan to hike, keep an ear out for bikes. Bikers should consider using a bell or calling out when approaching anyone on foot.

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