Judd Trail in Honolulu, HI

Judd Trail is a short and challenging trail just 10 minutes outside Honolulu. Hike under cover of ironwood, pine, eucalyptus, and bamboo on your way to the Jackass Ginger Pool.

Jackass Ginger Pool is an 8-foot-deep pool featuring a 10-foot waterfall. This popular swimming spot was named after someone who tied up their donkey by the pool in a ginger patch.

Wild pig hunting is permitted in this area from sunrise to sunset on Wednesdays and Sundays. The trail is still open for hiking, but hikers should be aware of the hunting and take extra care to read and heed all posted signage.


You shouldn’t have trouble seeing the trailhead off 4022 Nu’uanu Pali Drive. Look for a clearing in the Ironwood forest along the road.

Judd Trail is part of the interconnected Honolulu-Mauka 18-trail system. Those looking to add some miles to their hike can visit Hawaii’s official trail website for more information on suggested routes.

Route Type

Judd Trail is a standard loop trail.


A 1-mile hike.


Don’t let the short distance of this trail fool you into expecting an easy hike. Judd Trail is often slippery and muddy, with plenty of roots and rocks creating tripping hazards for those not paying attention. This is rated a moderately-difficult trail for these reasons.


This trail has 200 feet of elevation gain.

Hike Time

You can expect to be on Judd Trail for about 30 minutes if you hike through at an average pace.

Gear To Bring

Always bring water and sunblock when hiking in Hawaii, no matter how short your hike is. Judd Trail is mostly under a forest canopy, so you should be fine, but it never hurts to be prepared. You may decide last minute you want to add some miles to your hike by breaking off onto an interconnected trail, and you wouldn’t want to be without water.

Wear closed-toed shoes with a good grip for this trail since it is often muddy and slippery. It’s recommended to wear solid hiking boots with rock plates to combat the roots and rocks you’re bound to step on more than once.

Trekking poles aren’t necessary for most hikers, but you may want to bring them if you have balance issues due to mud and other tripping hazards.

The trail features a beautiful waterfall and pool. Wear quick-drying clothing if you’re interested in taking a dip.


Pets are allowed on Judd Trail, provided they are on leashes. Some hikers like to ignore this rule, but remember this area is a popular place to hunt wild pigs. If your off-leash dog takes a run off the trail, it could end badly.


This is a hiking-only trail. No bikes allowed.


There is no fee to hike Judd Trail.


Roadside parking is available at the trailhead. Use caution when choosing your spot to avoid accidents.

Best Seasons to Hike

The temperature is consistent throughout the year in Hawaii, but the rainy season runs from November to March on average. Hiking in Hawaii during rain can be a fun experience, but those who prefer to stay dry should plan their hike outside of the winter months.

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Featured image via Honolulu Magazine