Pop-Up Camping Tent

The best pop-up tents serve a very important purpose in the camping world. There are many different types of campers out there. You’ve got glampers, people who aren’t afraid to rough it, folks who are just looking for a simple backyard tent, and more. If I know one thing for sure, no one enjoys setting up their tent, so it only makes sense that sometimes you want to get it done as quickly as possible.

Our expert advisor reviewed dozens of different pop-up tents to determine the top pick. They chose the Ayamaya Pop Up with Vestibule for 4-6 people as it has the durability, simplicity, and spaciousness you’re looking for at a price that will appeal to even the most budget-conscious camper.

Best Overall

Ayamaya Pop Up with Vestibule for 4-6 People

This tent is the perfect marriage of durability, simplicity, and spaciousness. It provides everything you could ask for at a price that works into most budgets.

With a camping cooler full of cold drinks, a pile of dry firewood, and nothing but time ahead of you, it’s time to set up your tent. The best pop-up tent will make the process much easier so you can spend more time relaxing and enjoying the sights and sounds.

Our Expert’s Top 5 Best Pop-Up Tents

Here are the top picks from our expert. Compare the ratings and features of different models.

Expert’s PicksModelRatingWaterproofSimple SetupCapacity
Best OverallAyamaya Pop Up with Vestibule for 4-6 People4.4[2-6]
Best BudgetColeman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent4.4[4]
Best Large Pop-Up TentCore 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent4.7[9]
Best DeluxeGazelle Tents T4 Pop-Up Camping Tent4.8[4]
Best For Extreme TempsQuechua Waterproof Pop Up Tent4.5[2]

*Ratings are on a scale of 1 to 5 and based on reviews, feedback, and opinions of actual customers

Who Should Buy a Pop-Up Tent

  • Weekend warriors and backyard campers – If you’re the occasional camper who likes to take some friends or family out to the woods once in a while, the best pop-up tent will make the process of setting things up much easier. There’s no reason to fumble with all the poles and instructions when you don’t need to. Pop-up tents are just as affordable and sturdy and they take much less time to set up.
  • Anyone with kids – When I took my kids camping for the first time, I didn’t have a pop-up tent and that’s part of the reason why I’m writing this article for you. It was tough. The kids were complaining about bugs, arguing about where to fish, and wishing they were home. Make the whole time more enjoyable and get your tent set up in a matter of minutes.

Who Should Not Buy a Pop-Up Tent

  • Serious weather campers – If you’re the kind of person who’s scaling high in elevation or camping in the winter and in storms, you won’t want to use a pop-up tent. Most of these are not rated for extreme temperatures and because they don’t have a durable metal frame, they lack the strength necessary to withstand high winds. You’d be better off taking the extra time to set up a sturdier tent.
  • Long-term campers – When you’re camping for an extended period of time, you won’t be as worried about the setup time as the durability and strength of your tent will be more important. If you’re camping for longer than a few days, getting a metal frame tent is important as you may encounter some severe weather during that time. A pop-up tent would require frequent adjustments due to its lack of a sturdy frame.
  • Backpackers – pop-up tents aren’t durable, or generally very high quality. They’re usually not suitable for backcountry trips, where your tent is your lifeline.

Research Tips (from a Camping Expert)

I’m a big believer in doing something right the first time, even if it means it’ll be more difficult or it might cost a bit more. You’re better off paying an extra hundred dollars now for the right tent instead of regretting it later and then purchasing a replacement. You’ll want to put in the right amount of research ahead of time and consider the following factors before diving in.

  1. How much room do you need? – Size is the most obvious and important factor. If you’re camping with friends and family you need to keep that in mind, but also factor in your size and the size of the people you’re camping with. Also, don’t forget about your gear and the weather. If you’re camping in the middle of the summer, it might be hot and all the bodies plus gear in the tent will make it very uncomfortable. Going a little bigger than you think you need is the best policy.
  2. Is there any ventilation? – Tents get humid, and a lot of pop-up tents come with black-out interiors to help keep the light out. This can make sleeping better and keep the temperature down too. A tent without proper ventilation also leads to condensation, which can breed bacteria and cause infections in any open cuts. Look for tents with plenty of mesh windows, ventilation panels, and ground vents.
  3. Is the tent weatherproof? – Realistically, there’s no such thing as a weatherproof tent and every tent has its limits. You want to look for wind resistance, water resistance, and temperature ratings. Make sure the tent has a minimum hydrostatic rating of 1,200mm, as this will help prevent moisture from leaking through the floor and roof. The higher the better.
  4. How easy is the setup? – The reason you’re getting a pop-up tent is that you want something that’s simple to set up. Pop-up tents are designed to pitch in as little as a few seconds up to a few minutes. Just keep in mind that the tent may not always live up to that promise and that many factors can impact the time and simplicity of the set-up. And don’t forget about the tear-down process too.

How Much Do They Cost?

Between $50 and $400

Price ranges for the best pop-up tents can vary dramatically, as you’ve got major brands and unknown brands competing for the same products, but typically the cost can be anywhere between $50 and $400. Plus, size is a factor that impacts the price. Some pop-up tents are intended for two people, while you have others that can comfortably fit eight or nine. I recommend not buying the cheapest one unless you’re camping in perfect conditions all the time.

The Best Pop-Up Tents: Full Reviews

Best Overall

Ayamaya Pop Up with Vestibule for 4-6 People

This tent is the perfect marriage of durability, simplicity, and spaciousness. It provides everything you could ask for at a price that works into most budgets.

The Ayamaya Pop Up offers a little bit of everything you’ll want from the best pop-up tent. It’s spacious enough for the whole family, you get plenty of headroom, it’s durable, well ventilated, and it comes with an exceptional waterproof rating of 3,000-4000mm.

You can sleep five or six adults in here and store all your gear inside or in the convenient vestibule. I think the vestibule is a nice feature for anyone camping for an extended period, as it makes clean-up easier and you won’t have to do it as often. The tent also features an electrical cord access port and storage pockets.

If you find yourself camping in adverse weather conditions, that’s okay because the material features a double layer with an internal section. This sucks in all the condensation and prevents it from getting inside the tent. While there is only one door, there are two vents, hood vents, and four window vents to keep plenty of air flowing to prevent smells and bacterial growth.

  • Great ventilation
  • Excellent waterproof rating
  • Roomy with a vestibule
  • One entrance
  • Could have more headroom
Best Budget Buy

Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent

Coleman is a brand we all know and love. This tent offers room for up to four people at a price point that should work for the budget-conscious camper.

When it comes to budget-friendly pop-up tents, the Coleman 4-Person Pop-Up Tent is the one everyone runs to. It takes only ten seconds to set up and it weighs less than seven pounds so it’s a great choice for backpackers who need a simple tent with plenty of room. The tent also comes with a multi-positional rainfly that offers the right amount of protection from the rain right where you need it.

As with most tents, it comes with protected seams and a frame that’s strong enough to cope with heavy wind and downpours. Of course, there are some sacrifices to be made with a budget tent. It doesn’t have a ton of headroom and it’s not as durable as the others. But, all negatives aside, it explodes open and sets up in seconds so it definitely serves its purpose.

  • Super-fast setup
  • Comes in two sizes
  • Adjustable rainfly
  • Not a lot of room
  • Lacking durability for high wind
Best Large Pop-Up Tent

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Camping is more fun in numbers but you need a comfortable and roomy place to put everything. This Core 9 Person tent offers all the space you’ll need.

When you’re traveling with the whole family or a large group of friends, the last thing you want to worry about is taking hours to set up a tent when you could be sitting around enjoying a cold drink by the fire. The Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent sets up super-fast and it has enough room for up to nine people and two queen air mattresses. It comes with a pre-assembled frame, 131 square feet of floor space, and a 78-inch height at the center so most people should have no problem standing up or barely hunching over.

It also comes with a room divider that makes it useful if you need some privacy. With a 60-second set-up, rainfly, carrying bag, and tent stakes, it doesn’t get much simpler to get a tent this size set up in this amount of time. Plus, the price isn’t too bad for what you’re getting.

  • Super-fast setup
  • Great ventilation
  • Room dividers
  • Weighs 30.5lbs
  • Rainfly extends installation time
  • Not the cheapest option on the market
Best Deluxe Tent

Gazelle Tents T4 Pop-Up Camping Tent

Whether you’re camping, hunting, or hiking, the Gazelle tent is about as premium as they get. It comes with plenty of room and a simple set-up in less than 90 seconds.

Sometimes it’s go big or go home and the Gazelle Tents T4 Pop-Up Camping Tent really personifies that. If you take camping seriously or you’re on an extended hunting or fishing trip, you’ll appreciate this tent. It only takes 90-seconds to set up and features a 78-inch tall roof with 61 square feet of floor space.

The tent also comes with a waterproof rainfly, taped seams, and integrated poles to hold everything up. There’s plenty of cross-ventilation from all the openings and two entrances with a removable floor that makes it easy to shake out any dirt or sand that gets trapped inside. If you’re in need of something durable that you know will last a long time but also offers the roomy space you want, this tent is the way to go.

  • A lot of headroom
  • Extremely durable
  • Fast setup with oversized rainfly
  • Price
  • Limited floor room; sometimes better for standing
Best For Extreme Temps

Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Tent

When you’re camping in extreme temperatures, you’ll need to quickly take shelter. The Quechua tent pops up in two seconds.

If you’re camping in adverse weather conditions such as heavy wind, cold, and rainy weather, you need a special tent to accommodate these factors. The Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Tent is the best choice because it’s made with a lightweight material, fiberglass poles, and it comes with a waterproof rainfly and polyester flooring.

Its low design makes it the ideal choice for cold weather and intense wind, as there is less surface area for the wind to hit the side of the tent. As a result, it won’t blow over. It’s been tested in tropical rain scenarios as well as force 6 winds to see how it holds up. Naturally, it’s not as great as a metal frame tent but for something you can throw up in a hurry, this is about as good as it gets.

  • Great for adverse weather
  • Weighs approximately seven pounds
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Only fits two people
  • Not a recognized brand

Frequently Asked Questions

Are pop-up tents better than normal tents?

They have their pros and cons like any other tent. On the plus side, pop-up tents are much faster and easier to set up for anyone lacking experience with camping. On the downside, they lack the durability and weather resistance of standard tents.

How long do pop-up tents last?

Your pop-up tent should last anywhere between 5-15 years depending on how much you use it. If you’re out camping every weekend and you take care of it, expect it to last about five years. Other than that, it could last forever if you’re only going a few times a year.1

How much does a good tent cost?

I would expect to pay no less than $100 for anything I would call a “good tent.” Honestly, paying more than that should be expected as well. A great tent will cost you between $300-500 and those with special weatherproofing can cost up to $1,000.

Do tents lose their waterproofing?

As you store and use tents over time they lose their waterproofing.2 The material has a special coating that will wear away with the rain and from dry rot as well.

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