Tent in a backpack

You’re thinking about hitting the trail but you don’t know how to pack a tent in a backpack. This will be a challenge for both newbies and seasoned hikers alike. Going from traveling light for a few hours to full backpacking requires additional stamina due to the extra weight. It’ll also take some patience when… Read More

ways to keep fold cold while camping

Nothing says camping like a warm beer and slightly wet turkey sandwich next to a lake, right? Knowing how to keep food cold while camping will not only make the experience more enjoyable but it’ll also make it safer. You don’t want to flirt with potentially dangerous raw meat that is stored at a temperature… Read More

How to clean a tent

If you’ve ever camped in a smelly, dirty tent, you might want to take a whiff of your own tent. Understanding how to clean a tent the right way is important not only for your comfort but also for your health. Tents can quickly accumulate mold and mildew that goes almost unnoticed until it becomes… Read More